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Glory Girls at Transformation Christian Fellowship

Our Purpose is to Develop Women in Their Faith, Provide Fellowship, and Support One Another! 

Join in on our sessions as we talk about topics such as self-empowerment, finding your identity, relationships & dating, and much more! Join in now and be a part of our Life Group!

Our Glory Girls Team

Aretha Hill - Director

Aretha Hill


Our Director has a passion for prayer and intercession and a gift for encouraging and uplifting others through the Word of God!

Bumi Ayodele - Secretary

Bumi Ayodele


Our Secretary has a passion for worship and serving in ministry. She educates and encourages those both within and outside the body of Christ with practical and spiritual wisdom!

Otisia Hill - Media Specialist & Outreach Coordinator

Otisia Hill

Media Specialist & Outreach Coordinator

Our Media Specialist and Outreach Coordinator has a passion for leading worship and studying and teaching the Word of God!

Brittany Hill - Ministry Coordinator

Brittany Hill

Ministry Coordinator

Our Ministry Coordinator has a passion for serving in various facets of ministry, including administration, hospitality, and event planning.

Glory Girls life group of Transformation Christian Fellowship

Surround yourself with strong, like-minded women who share your beliefs and values!

Make lifelong friendships as you journey together toward spiritual growth and personal development!

Join us for our virtual sessions on Zoom and be inspired and motivated. Sign up today!


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