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The inception of Transformation Christian Fellowship began as an idea in the mind of Brandon Hill, later Senior Pastor, while he was attending classes on the campus of Howard Community College in the fall of 2013. It was there that the Lord revealed to him a hurting generation that was in need of a place to go and learn about Jesus Christ, a place where they could worship freely and be free to be themselves. This revelation inspired the inception of a Young Adult Bible Study! It began with a group of college friends of Brandon's who had inquired about being a part of the sermon mentoring sessions he was conducting with other mutual college friends. This ministry prospered for a significant period and saw many individuals commit their lives to Jesus Christ and begin their individual walks with the Lord.

Following that initial inquiry, God placed it upon Brandon’s heart to open up the Bible Study to all young adults, including his friends on campus. In obedience to God, Brandon stepped out on faith and began to host "Transformation Wednesday", a weekly Bible study, in the basement of his home.  By 2014, "Transformation Wednesday" grew and expanded beyond Brandon’s expectations! As word of the Bible study continued to spread around the local area, more young adults started to attend these evening sessions so that they could encounter the presence of God and grow in their understanding of the Word of God.

Following some significant months of ministry out of his home, the Lord led Brandon to move the ministry from the basement of his house to the Fellowship Hall of New Life Fellowship in the fall of 2014 where it continued to expand and flourish as the Word of God pierced numerous hearts and transformed even more lives!

By the summer of 2015, God spoke to Brandon once again and instructed him to transition the ministry from a Bible study into a local church! In this very moment, Transformation Christian Fellowship was born! The newfound congregation continued to meet at New Life Fellowship until Brandon felt led to transition the ministry to Columbia, Maryland. After receiving much counsel and prayer, Brandon took yet another leap of faith and began to look for a new location in the Columbia area. Being sure of the instructions given to him by God, Brandon made strides towards securing The Gathering Place, a beautiful and spacious building located in Clarksville, Maryland.

On Sunday, September 4th 2016, Transformation Christian Fellowship officially launched as a church during Labor Day Weekend and remains in full operation to this day under the leadership of its founder and leader, Senior Pastor Brandon Hill! As we seek to grow, expand, and fortify the ministry of our church, we will remain committed to carrying out the vision of connecting lives to the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ in order to be agents of change in the world!

We did not come to conform, we came to transform!

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