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2024 Vision Month at Transformation Christian Fellowship

 We firmly believe that 2024 is the year of exposure, where hidden things come to light.

Embrace this as your declaration for 2024.

I declare that what has been hidden is now coming to light.

The door of opportunity is swinging

wide open in the light...

My gifts are exposed to the right people, and divine connections are forming.

Gifts that have remained dormant or unknown

are now emerging into the light...

Real friendships, genuine and lasting, are coming to light.

I declare a greater level of discernment

as I step into the light...

I am exposed to more wealth as I walk in the light.

In the light of God's truth, I find clarity, purpose,

and divine guidance...

God's greater purpose over my life is shining

even more brightly.

I declare God's glory; will shine brighter as I walk

in the light.


Let's come together and write on our vision wall what we believe God will reveal and bring into our lives in 2024! Share with us as we visualize our aspirations and dreams on our vision wall.

Discover uplifting messages from our 2024 Vision month. Join us for an inspiring journey filled with valuable insights and positivity.

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