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Summer at Transformation Christian Fellowship. Enjoy the summer with our church family community.
SUMMER AT TCF. Enjoy the summer at Transformation Christian Fellowship


Be a Part of Something Bigger!

Join us this summer and become a sponsor for the multiple events happening for Summer at TCF. Your contribution helps fund our outreach activities and fun community events. See what incentives your business can have partnering with us.

Sponsorship Incentive

  • Feature your business logo on the Summer @ TCF landing page.

  • Include business logo on social media posts as sponsors of Summer @ TCF.

  • Public shoutout of your business or partnership during the service announcement.

By sponsoring our Summer at TCF program, you're helping us spread transformation in the lives of those around us. Show your support today and help us reach our goals!

  • Sponsorship Cost: $100

Please send your business logo by email to Once your payment
is processed and your logo is verified, give 1-3 business days to see the logo added.
Thanks for your generosity. 

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