Begin the process of transformation by taking the next steps in your walk with Jesus Christ at Transformation Christian Fellowship.

 TAKE THE NEXT STEPS in Your Walk With Jesus Christ to Begin the Process of Transforming Your Life!



 If you are a new believer, sign up for our 30-minute online session called "Essentials", which will help you understand the principles of your Christian faith.

 Become a partner at TCF by signing up first for our CONNECT class, which is a 30-minute online session where we share with you more about our church history, culture, and operations.

 Be a part of our Mid-Week Bible Study, Sunday Church Experience, Life Groups, and our Next Level classes, including “Discovery” and the “School of Ministry”, where you can learn about your spiritual gifts.





 Serve in our areas of ministry, which include the Transformation Experience, Leadership Development & Discipleship, Outreach - Takes 1 to Reach 1, and the Generations Ministry. Find the best fit for your passion, personality, and availability to make a difference!