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Preserving the Truth

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

This Week’s Scripture & Reflection: Matthew 5:13

Salt is one of the world's most frequently used ingredients. Known most commonly as a flavor enhancer and seasoning, it also doubles as a natural preservative. In ancient times, salt was frequently used to preserve meats and fish; its chemical properties enable it to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, thereby preserving the freshness of foods for extended periods of time.

In His notable Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls His disciples, among many things, the "salt of the earth". By addressing them as such, Jesus calls for His disciples to do one of the many things that salt does, and that it is preserve, specifically preserving the truth, integrity, and purity of His gospel message and principles in a world filled with false ideologies and worldly values.

From centuries past even to this day, many have sought to distort the truth of the gospel message, especially during the age of the early church! As believers and followers of Christ Jesus, we are responsible for not only sharing the Good News but also shielding it from external influences that seek to corrupt its purity and discredit its authority!

As the influx of new doctrines and philosophies continues to increase in today’s climate, the preservation of God’s truth has and must become an increasingly crucial priority among His people. This message possesses the inherent power to save anyone who believes it (cf. Romans 1:16); we must continue to guard and preserve it with all diligence and fervor!


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