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Our Refuge

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

This Week’s Scripture & Reflection: Psalm 62:8

Inaccurate and uninformed descriptions and depictions of God have led many to believe that He is unapproachable, hostile, and overly consumed with the affairs of the world to give attention to our individual cares and concerns. This could not be farther from the truth! Although His ways can be inexplicable at times due to their transcendent nature (Isaiah 55:8-9), God sovereignly rules over the entire universe without expending any energy and is able to engage with all persons individually at the same time! He actually desires to hear from us!

In Psalm 62, the psalmist David encourages his hearers to trust in God at all times and to pour out their hearts before Him (62:8)! Often times, we approach God in prayer very timidly; our hearts could be heavy with so many emotions, yet we hold them all in because we do not believe that God truly cares to hear about what and how we are feeling. We may foolishly convince ourselves that there’s no point in telling Him about how we feel since He already knows how we feel. We may even fear and anticipate judgment from God upon sharing our innermost thoughts and struggles with Him.

All of the ways in which we attempt to avoid opening ourselves up to the Lord are all rooted in fear and unbelief, neither of which warrant any investment in light of the truth! The psalmist encourages us to pour out our hearts to God because He is a refuge for us! He is a safe and trustworthy place for us to confide in! With His covering, He provides comfort! With His protection, He gives peace! In His shelter, He provides security!

As you move throughout the week, seek the Lord in prayer and devotion with total vulnerability, honesty, and transparency! Yes, He already knows all that is within your heart; however, He wants to hear you express these matters to Him! There is nothing that you can tell Him that will surprise or paralyze Him! God delights in those who trust and seek Him for refuge!


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