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A Privilege to Serve

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

This Week's Scripture & Reflection: Hebrews 12:28-29

One of the beauties of serving the Lord is being able to serve Him in various capacities, both in and outside of the church walls. Too often we reduce serving the Lord to preaching in the pulpit or singing in the choir. Extending hospitality to neighbors and guests, administrating church affairs and operations, constructing equipment and infrastructures; these are all just some of the many ways we can render service unto God! Greater than the danger of becoming complacent in our service is assuming the false and foolish belief that God needs us to accomplish the work He has called us to do, as if His divine and sovereign will is dependent upon our cooperation! To be chosen and anointed by God to do anything for Him is both an honor and privilege, not an inherent right!

The life of King Saul powerfully illustrates how God does not need us to do anything. God did not need Saul to serve as King of Israel. In fact, Saul ruling as King was not God's original intent for Israel. After Israel showed extreme discontentment with God as their King, God graciously obliged and gave them the King they desperately desired. Having officially appointed Saul as King of Israel, the prophet Samuel warned the Israelites that if they and King Saul rebelled against the Lord by not listening to His voice, the hand of the Lord would become great against them (cf. I Samuel 12:14-15). As a result, when Saul directly disobeyed the Lord's first set of commands to him through the prophet Samuel, God rejected Saul as King and appointed another man to assume the throne of King of Israel, whom was later revealed to be David (I Samuel 13:8-14).

We enter into dangerous territory when we foolishly believe that our disobedience will not cost us great loss and that God cannot accomplish what He desires to accomplish without us. The truth of the matter is that God will accomplish what He wants to accomplish with or without our cooperation; it's our loss, not His! Therefore, let us seek to remain humble when God calls us to execute a certain task or assignment with full awareness and recognition that He did not have to choose us to do it! He could have called anyone else to the work He instructed us to do, and He will not hesitate to do so should we choose to forfeit His promise by rebelling against His voice!


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