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Don't Throw It Away

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In the sermon titled "Don't Throw it Away," Pastor Brandon Hill reminds us of the importance of not throwing away our confidence in God. This message is particularly relevant in today's world, where many people are facing challenges and uncertainties. Pastor Brandon's sermon is a call to persevere in faith, even in the face of difficulties, because our faith can be trusted due to the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we are called to put our trust in God and believe that He has a plan for our lives. This trust can be difficult to maintain, especially when we are faced with hardships and trials. However, our faith can be trusted because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Resurrection is the ultimate sign of God's power and love, and it is through this event that we can have confidence in God's promises.

When we face difficulties, it can be easy to lose sight of God's promises and become discouraged. In these moments, we must be encouraged to hold fast to our faith and not throw it away. Our faith is like a precious treasure that should be guarded and protected. We should not let doubt or fear cause us to lose confidence in God's promises.

Instead, we should rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen our faith and help us persevere through difficult times. We should also turn to the community of believers for support and encouragement. Through prayer, fellowship, and studying God's word, we can strengthen our faith and continue to trust in God's promises.

In conclusion, the sermon "Don't Throw it Away" by Pastor Brandon Hill is a powerful reminder of the importance of holding fast to our faith and not giving up in the face of challenges. Our faith can be trusted because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and we should guard it as a precious treasure. Let us lean on the Holy Spirit and the community of believers as we navigate the ups and downs of life and continue to trust in God's promises.

Watch this message titled "Don't Throw it Away" from Pastor Brandon Hill


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