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Around The Pool

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

The best place to be during the summer is around the pool! It's so exciting to have friends and family lounging around the pool and taking in the sunshine! In John 5, Jesus found himself around a pool, but not the type of pool you would think of. Jesus comes to the Pool of Bethesda, which means "the house of mercy" where many people who were sick and diseased would come. They came to this pool because of the mysticism surrounding this pool, specifically that an angel would trouble the water and that whoever got in the water first would be healed.

Jesus comes to a man laying around this pool and asks him a question: "Do you want to be made well?". Of course the man who has been dealing with a disease would want to be healed, but he doesn't know or recognize that Jesus, the Messiah, is there in the house of mercy to give him mercy. How many times in our lives do we rely on everything else than God, who has the power to make us whole?

In his message titled "Around The Pool," Pastor Brandon shares with us us not to miss our opportunity of breakthrough because of the way it might come!


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