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The Challenges of Church Planting | Pastor Brandon Hill

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Being a church planter can be both challenging yet exciting! The joy of launching a new church in different cities, building a new community of people to do life with, and seeing new converts make the life-changing decision to give their lives to Jesus Christ is an amazing feeling! As a church planter, you are a true visionary! You are eager to share the vision that God has laid upon your heart for a particular city with anyone who is willing to listen!

As a young church planter, however, there are certain challenges that you encounter along the way. One of the biggest challenges is raising money! Although I have a great vision from God to plant churches in various cities, raising and acquiring the funds to bring that vision to life can be a struggle. In order to build a solid foundation for the church to launch from, many areas require significant capital, or seed money, such as building leases/rent, sound equipment, instruments, technology, and supplies for various ministries.

Raising money can be especially difficult when most of the members of your launch team are young adults who are not financially stable yet. Asking people for money can be even more difficult as well as slightly uncomfortable and intimidating, especially when the majority of the population believes that churches are only interested in taking people's money. Personally, I am not the type of person who is comfortable asking other people for money, and I certainly don’t want to be seen as the pastor who only cares about the money! However, I do understand that asking for help is extremely important in accomplishing what God is calling me and you to do! The harsh reality is that people are always going to have something to say when you talk about money in the church, especially if it's negative commentary. Ultimately, you have to be sure of your intentions and know that your ultimate goal is to glorify God and advance His kingdom!

While it can be frustrating trying to raise money, you have to rely on God's faithfulness and trust Him to provide what you need and want. You must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that provision is always made for a God-given vision! It doesn’t matter whether you’re launching a church, starting a new business, or even going to college. God will supply you with the necessary resources to start that business, to go off to college, or provide for your family. This bible verse has been ministering to me in this season: “He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it” (1 Thessalonians 5:24 NKJV). God is faithful to His promises concerning you! Let faith arise and watch how God brings all things together in His timing!

Transformation Christian Fellowship is officially 9 months away from launching Labor Day Weekend 2016 and we have a goal to raise at least $50,000! We plan to launch a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for our new church plant! Please prayerfully consider helping us in this endeavor by sowing a seed of any donation to our church!


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