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To Be Handpicked By God

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

This past Sunday was the first Night of Consecration in the history of Transformation Christian Fellowship! We honored and ordained Minister Dominique Williams to the office of Executive Pastor and Brittany Hill to the office of Elder!

In celebration of this special and remarkable night, Pastor Brandon preached a powerful message entitled "To Be Handpicked By God"!

Here are three key points from the message:

  1. To Be Handpicked By God Is A Privilege!

  2. To Be Handpicked By God Will Come With Great Cost!

  3. To Be Handpicked By God Is Rewarding!

Please understand that no matter what your profession may be, or what your current title in life is, you have been called and handpicked by God to make a great impact in the world!

Watch the full message below:


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